Simon Rolland
CEO of Aurora Financial

Simon Rolland is the founder of Aurora Financial. Simon drives the company's vision and is excited about leading a high performing team to be the next generation of financial advisers to help New Zealand families.

He has a proven background in insurance at the Senior level both at AMP and American Income Life Insurance Company. He started AFG in January 2015 with just two advisers and under his leadership the company has since grown exponentially.

Described by one of his peers as a 'breathe of fresh air in the industry', Simon is passionate about what he does. His energy, dynamism and innovative approach to the business has made a huge contribution to the success story that is AFG.

Alex Leong
Head of Compliance

With the ongoing changes of the financial services industry, Alex leads AFG in staying ahead with the latest industry development, and ensuring our compliance framework and assurance programme are up-to-date, sustainable, and in line with Aurora's passionate and relentless client first culture and business ethics.

Alex is responsible for reviewing and updating business processes and systems, as well as leading our team of highly skilled and experienced staff at Head Office - he has worked as an AFG adviser and so has a unique perspective and instinctively knows what's needed to support the functioning of the business.

With his legal and finance backgrounds, Alex offers a wealth of expertise and knowledge to support the administration and compliance of the business.

Caleb Baker
Head of Distribution

As the AFG's Head of Distribution based in Wellington, he oversees all distribution activities in the Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Tauranga Offices, keeping them accountable to good business acumen and ensuring the offices issue the required volume and quality of business.

Reporting directly to the CEO, Caleb liaises directly with Head of Marketing, Head of Compliance and Head Office as well as all other managers to ensure the operations of the business as a core remain efficient and result in monthly targets being met.

Using his experience and proven industry background, Caleb develops our young advisers with his skills and expertise, and enjoys a rewarding journey in seeing them accomplish their career goals. His prior experience in project management down in Christchurch has been vital in his transition into the management team at AFG. Caleb's goal is to ensure simplicity in financial advice with the client's best interest in mind.

Christopher Gibb
Head of Region - Auckland

Chris is one of AFG's Head of Auckland's leaders. Chris completed his studies at the University of Otago, gaining a degree in Finance and Psychology. He has experience working for GE Finance and Westpac NZ in a variety of lending, KiwiSaver and Life Insurance advisory roles, before starting at AFG where he has worked from the ground up for the past few years.

Having gained invaluable experience as a field adviser before moving into management positions, Chris has two unique sets of skills which both play a vital role in his current role.

Hamish McGlinchy
Head of Region - Christchurch

Hamish joined AFG in 2015 and is one of the Heads of Region for the South Island in the Christchurch Office. He was born in Christchurch and is passionate about helping his team of advisers learn the ins and outs of the industry whilst putting clients' needs first.

With over 4 years' experience as an adviser, he has the skills and proven background in financial services to help his team excel. Hamish has always had a big focus on getting the best outcome for his clients, and still loves getting out and meeting new people.

Thomas Stiven
Head of Region - Auckland

Thomas liaises with the Head of Distribution to develop the Auckland and Tauranga Offices. Thomas works with our associates, advisers and marketing division to recruit, train and build teams.

Thomas has a background in politics working for local MP Mark Mitchell and running his own campaign for the council. He graduated from the Massey University with a commerce degree majoring in Accountancy and Management.

Michael Nuy
Head of Region - Christchurch

Mike is the newest Christchurch leadership team member and he is leading from the front with great client outcomes and inspiring newer advisers as a role model leader.

Mike has worked in a few sales based roles and subsequently reaching the top of a tiling company and managing his own team. Now, he is back in a more personable role with client interactions and has moved into a leadership role at AFG with his management skills and hard work.

Michael is driven to succeed for not only himself but for our growing company.

Ian Coates
Head of KiwiSaver

As AFG's Head of KiwiSaver based in Christchurch, Ian brings over 30 years of experience across a range of industries including the Investment and Financial Services sectors, based both here and in the United Kingdom. Ian spent 12 years in the UK developing experience with companies including Morgan Stanley and Accenture Consulting.

Reporting to the Head of Distribution and CEO, Ian's responsibilities include the development and implementation of AFG's KiwiSaver advice process across the business. Ian also works closely with the head of Compliance to ensure KiwiSaver Advice standards and the continuing changes in regulatory standards are being met by the company.

Ian is passionate about ensuring clients have appropriate advice to make informed decisions around KiwiSaver, he explains he has seen far too many Kiwis of all ages that are not getting appropriate KiwiSaver advice, he fully supports AFG's mission to ensure all Kiwi's have access to advice.

Ian also has experience as an AFG Adviser and as a Manager of Advisers having met and worked with the CEO Simon initially a number of years ago at American Income Life Insurance Company.