Helping families just like yours
Here at Aurora, we work with New Zealand's trusted financial providers to deliver you tailored financial advice to make sure your family assets are looked after and grow with you.
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Our vision
To provide New Zealand families with comprehensive financial advice that is tailored to ensure they are financially supported through turbulent life events. Our skilled team represent the next generation of advisers who put the needs of their clients above everything else and are passionate about building strong, long lasting relationships.
"It was comforting to know that Aurora Financial was there for all our unexpected surprises"
How we work with you
Financial advice is such a personal thing so we take pride in meeting with you face-to-face or over video conference call to discuss your financial needs.
Meet one of our friendly financial advisers for a chat.
Financial advice is a very personal thing, so we like to meet you face-to-face and have a conversion about your lifestyle to properly assess what cover you might need. We fit it with your schedule and can visit you at home, meet you at our offices or over video conference.
  • Abhinav Sarna

    Abhinav Sarna

  • Alex Kye Je Leong

    Alex Kye Je Leong

  • Avery Addei

    Avery Addei

  • Benjamin McCallum

    Benjamin McCallum

  • Blake Vincent

    Blake Vincent

  • Brent Heslop

    Brent Heslop

  • Brett Lipsham

    Brett Lipsham

  • Byron Guimaraes

    Byron Guimaraes

  • Cameron Chappell

    Cameron Chappell

  • Chris Gibb

    Chris Gibb

  • Claire Vanderley

    Claire Vanderley

  • Danielle Rigler

    Danielle Rigler

  • David Vanner

    David Vanner

  • Dylan Kirk

    Dylan Kirk

  • Eliza Mercer

    Eliza Mercer

  • Emma Seckold

    Emma Seckold

  • George Steele

    George Steele

  • Ian Coates

    Ian Coates

  • Ioan Muresan

    Ioan Muresan

  • Isaac Greville

    Isaac Greville

  • Jamal Poland

    Jamal Poland

  • James Bell

    James Bell

  • James Fleming

    James Fleming

  • James Meyers

    James Meyers

  • Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin

    Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin

  • Jeyoung (Andy) Choi

    Jeyoung (Andy) Choi

  • John McGregor

    John McGregor

  • Jung Lin

    Jung Lin

  • Kieran McSweeney

    Kieran McSweeney

  • Kuldeep Gulia

    Kuldeep Gulia

  • Kyle Riwaka

    Kyle Riwaka

  • Landon Neal

    Landon Neal

  • Lucas Yeung

    Lucas Yeung

  • Marcus Mannering

    Marcus Mannering

  • Matthew Jacobsen

    Matthew Jacobsen

  • Matthew Summers

    Matthew Summers

  • Michael Nuy

    Michael Nuy

  • Mikhaela Wedge

    Mikhaela Wedge

  • Oliver Polson

    Oliver Polson

  • Rory MacDonald

    Rory MacDonald

  • Rose Verstappen

    Rose Verstappen

  • Ryan Li

    Ryan Li

  • Sarah Lussier

    Sarah Lussier

  • Scott Williams

    Scott Williams

  • Shivdeep Singh

    Shivdeep Singh

  • Siaosi Teevale

    Siaosi Teevale

  • Stephane Gauthier

    Stephane Gauthier

  • Stephen Chapman

    Stephen Chapman

  • Thomas Clarke

    Thomas Clarke

  • Thomas McRobie

    Thomas McRobie

  • Thomas Stiven

    Thomas Stiven

Advice to suit your needs.
Your adviser will prepare a tailored advice plan with financial products you require and will meet with you again to explain what they have recommended and why. Remember, our services are free of charge so these visits don't cost you a cent.
Assistance through the application process.
Once you have agreed on what financial product(s) will be put in place, your adviser and our customer service team will manage the application process for you directly with the provider or lender. This will save you time and a few headaches.
Our job doesn't end at signing you up.
Once your financial product is in place we are on call to help you with any enquires you have. As you progress through the chapters of your life we will be in touch to ensure our services continue to match your circumstances.
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Aurora Financial Group Limited (FSP673551, trading as Aurora Financial) is the Financial Advice Provider.

HIM Enterprises Limited (FSP734771, trading as Aurora Financial) is authorised by the licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority to Aurora Financial Group Limited to provide financial advice.

Caleb Baker Limited (FSP638909, trading as Aurora Financial) is authorised by the licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority to Aurora Financial Group Limited to provide financial advice.

You can contact us at 0508 AURORA (287672) or hello@aurorafinancial.co.nz or fill in the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

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