Business Insurance

Whether you run a small business from home, work as a tradie or run a large company, business insurance can cover you and your business from unexpected events.

There are two facets to business insurance - Business Personal Liability and Business Commercial Property and Liability. Business personal liability is designed protect you against some of the risks you are exposed to being a business owner, where business commercial liability insurance helps protect your business and keep it running.

Business Commercial Property & Liability
Revenue Protection

Your revenue is the bread and butter supporting you to operate and grow your business, minor fluctuations can have major impacts on cash flow and profitability.

We can tailor your revenue protection cover to support your business when you can't work due to illness or accident, giving you the financial support to keep you a float with all the usual business expenses while you recover.

Shareholder Protection

Going into business can be risky and that risk is amplified when partners are involved. Rarely is the discussion had as to what would be done if a shareholder needs to leave the business due to permanent disability or death.

If the worst should happen and either you or your fellow shareholders were unable to work due to illness or injury, major trauma, permanent disability or death, your business ownership could be severely impacted. Putting in place protection for shareholders, combined with a robust succession agreement, may help your business avoid or minimise the impact.

Debt Protection

When a shareholder needs to unexpectedly exit a business due to permanent disability or death a business needs financial support to repay any outstanding debts proportionate to the respective shareholding. Disability debt protection can help.

We can tailor your cover to eliminate any business debts should you suffer an illness or accident that permanently stops you working in your business, ensuring you can exit or sell in the very best shape.

Key Person Cover

Your key employees are the foundation of your business, they support you, manage client relationships and fuel cash flow growth. When a key person is out the effects can be felt exponentially through the business, during this time you need to support your revenue until you can get them back in the game. We can tailor your key person cover to support your business when your most important staff can't work due to illness or accident.

ACC CoverPlus Extra

Most business owners and self-employed people are automatically put on ACC Cover Plus, but it's not always the best cover. There is an alternative: ACC CoverPlus Extra. However, you do have to know about it and apply for it - that's where we can help.

CoverPlus Extra pays even if your employees continue to work and generate income for your company. It's an 'agreed value' product where you choose the amount you pay levies on and ACC pay the agreed amount no matter what you earned in the 12 months prior to your accident. Keep in mind that it still only covers accident, covering you for illness is where Income protection insurance comes in.

We can help tailor your ACC CoverPlus Extra which will usually lower your levies and increase your protection - a winning combination.

Trades Cover

As a tradesperson you do a lot to protect yourself at work, but don't forget to protect your tools too. Whether it's a van, a hammer or a ladder, you rely on your business assets to do your job, make sure they are insured.

We can tailor your trade cover, giving you a simple solution for all your insurance protection, with six products combined into one we make it easy for any tradesman to get covered.

Group Health Cover

Investing in your employee's health and wellbeing with group health cover creates a positive and productive workplace, where your employees feel valued and supported.

We can tailor a group health policy for your employees and give them peace of mind that they will have access to the full medical treatment when they require it. We can help you create a plan that covers the management team, all the way through to your front line staff.

Group Income Cover

When an unexpected illness or accident takes one of your employees away from work the last thing they need to be worrying about is how they are going to continue to support their family. Providing financial support to your employees with a group income cover will show you have your employee's best interests at heart. This in turn builds a productive and loyal team that will support your business long term.

We can tailor a group income and disability policy to cover your team, giving them support when they can't work. We can also go on step further by supporting them if they are unable to return to their position.

Business Commercial Liability
Business Assets

Also known as material damage, this covers the physical assets of your business. This includes buildings you own, your fit out, equipment, stock, tools and materials. Don't be caught out of pocket if something gets stolen or damaged in a natural disaster.

Business Interruption

In the event that a fire, natural disaster or break-in stops your business from operating, business interruption insurance helps cover your financial loss and gets your business back up and running.

Business Liability

Cover your legal liability in New Zealand, whether you're working from home or out and about. This can also be extended to employer's and statutory liability.

Commercial Vehicle

Whether you work as a builder, a real estate agent or retailer, we have options for full or third party cover. Your protection can include windscreen damage, signwriting cover, employee vehicles and loss of use to contribute towards another Vehicle when your own is being repaired.