Choosing the right fund

Kiwisaver is one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will make over our lifetime, so it's concerning that majority of New Zealand's don't get advice before choosing their provider or their fund type. Being in the wrong fund type for your life stage could mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars at retirement.

If you are looking to join Kiwisaver, or simply want to review your current fund, one of our Aurora advisers can help. We make sure you receive the right information to help you in making informed decisions about maximising your superannuation and achieving financial independence at retirement.

Preferred Provider Agreement

As an employer you have an opportunity help your employees prepare for retirement by selecting a preferred Kiwisaver scheme for your workplace. This means that new staff are automatically enrolled and existing staff that choose to opt-in will become members of your company's preferred provider scheme – rather than randomly being assigned to a default scheme if they don't make the choice themselves.

Selecting a preferred Kiwisaver provider demonstrates commitment to the long-term welfare of your employees, helping them to access information and advice for their future.

Advantages to the employer

  • Kiwisaver enrolments increase your administrative burden and we can reduce your time and resource focused in this area
  • Any Kiwisaver questions from your employees can be directed to us
  • A preferred provider does not increase your costs in Kiwisaver, we provide your employees with relevant and up-to-date information and service at no additional cost

Advantages to the employee

  • Members go into funds that suit their life stage rather than the default conservative funds, meaning they will be financially better on in their retirement
  • Simplifies the decision making process
  • Benefit from the education and support that typically comes from the provider of a preferred scheme
  • Ensures they receive up-to-date information on an important asset